Scalp Care—As Important As Skincare

by Dawn Myers on November 27, 2020
Kristel's Hair Stories Feature:
"Styling my hair when it's naturally curly is always a process. It takes me about 15-30 minutes to wet and put all my favorite products in my hair. I’m a wash, go and air dry kind of girl. I honestly don’t like to spend a lot of time on my hair. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have ever had a successful day two curls no matter how hard I try. So, when I am rocking my curls, I have to "reset" my curls with water and products daily." - Kristel

Moisturizing and protecting your scalp is critical for healthy hair. This is imperative for everyone—men and women, young and old.

Aging of the scalp manifests itself not in wrinkles as with facial skin, but in its inability to maintain healthy follicles. The scalp's cell regeneration diminishes to the point that, as with the skin covering the rest of our bodies, it becomes thinner and loses its ability to retain moisture, and its ability to distribute nutrients to and detoxify the follicle.

Hair follicles diminish in number as we age and it’s caused by the buildup of dehydrotestosterone or DHT within the follicle that is toxic to the follicle. This can be the toxicity that keeps our curls fresh and bouncy. As the follicles begin to die off, they produce fewer and thinner hairs, which at times may shrink by up to 10% in diameter. Hair is less voluminous and less able to hold a style.

Dandruff and other debris such as sebum (scalp oils), dirt and product residues can build up on the scalp, causing other scalp problems. It is important to use products that can be easily removed by shampoo, as this will help prevent buildup in the first place. A clean scalp will also promote good cell turnover and promote a healthy environment for optimal hair growth. Just like anti-aging skin care, exfoliation of the scalp is important to remove dead skin cells from around the follicle and promote a healthy follicle. In combination with an exfoliating pre-shampoo treatment, hair can appear more youthful and with great volume if the scalp is stimulated by exfoliation.

Moisturizing our scalp is just as important as moisturizing our face. This is key to healthy, luscious locks.