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A world where kinks and curls are catered to

We’re creating culturally informed washday solutions.
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black woman owned
Black woman owned and led, our team knows exactly what products you need to love on your beautiful coils and kinks
We focus on providing tech-forward hair tools and serums that address all textured hair types
for textured hair
Our products are manufactured with all kinks, coils, and curls in mind (especially 4C!)

The Squad

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Glow & Grow Scalp Health Toolkit

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Knot Your Average Toolkit

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What our community has to say about The Most

“For all of my 4C, low porosity girls, you know how hard it is to keep moisture in our hair. The Hyaluronic Moisturize Booster keeps my curls hydrated, which makes me a happy girl!”

- Mimi

“My edges have made a serious comeback after using these products consistently. I've seen so much growth with these hair products! These tools and products are so smart and they really work for OUR hair.”

- Liz

“The serums, the oils, The Moxie, and the detangler are all ... WOW. The products are so moisturizing and the tools truly cut the time down. This stuff is made just for us curly girls!"

- Stephanie

Meet Our Founder

Our founder, Dawn Myers, has been cooking natural hair
solutions in the kitchen since way, way back. Most recently, she has
channeled that creative energy in the tech space to build THE MOST,
a marketplace and hub for natural hair enthusiasts looking for the
latest and greatest in Afro Tech.

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The Shea Butter Chronicles Blog

Sharing helpful hair tips and news for naturalistas everywhere

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