THE MOST Announces Partnership with Dow

by Dawn Myers on June 30, 2021

We have BIG news, Folks! 

THE MOST is partnering with materials sciences behemoth Dow to develop new products, formulas, and technology for textured hair consumers. What does that mean? Dow will open up it's vast coffers of expertise and resources to help THE MOST develop best-in-class products to solve for wash day pain points and build a world where curls are catered to. How Exciting!

Why does this matter?

This relationship highlights the business case for diversity. Collaboration with companies focused on serving multicultural customers isn't charity; it is critical to be able to find, understand, and serve an increasingly diverse customer base. We are ecstatic to partner with Dow to realize innovation for the textured hair care market. There is so much unmined opportunity in this vertical and this partnership positions us both ahead of the curve.

THE MOST has a big vision for the textured hair care and we need big partnerships to carry it through. We are thrilled to have Dow as a partner, but the real value is in the substantive collaboration and the exchange of cultural capital to better serve this industry. 

Interested in architecting a similar partnership with a major player in your space? Stay tuned. In the coming months, we will be posting blogs and interviews talking more about consensus building, our framework with Dow, and how businesses can position themselves for similar opportunities. 

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