The Cold is Coming, Protect Your Hair!

by Dawn Myers on November 27, 2020
Many of us experience hair and skin dryness as we turn up the heat to stay warm during the cold fronts of the winter season. It's key to prep and protect your hair because neglecting will result in inevitable breakage.

There's no better a time to turn to products that boost hydration and rejuvenate those natural curls—keeping 'em juicy, springy and healthy.

THE MOST's Moisture Bomb Booster Set, provides a combination of two liquid products THAT WORK: Hyaluronic Moisture Booster and Super Strength Fortified Castor Oil.

Most people are familiar with Hyaluronic Acid in skincare products with adding moisture back into the skin and improving overall complexion. Our Hyaluronic Moisture Booster serum does the same, but for your hair! With dropping a couple of pipettes to your conditioner or leave-in, your hair will be immediately hydrated and curls will look better than before!

Castor Oil is an oldie, but a goodie with rejuvenating your hair. Our Super Strength Fortified Castor Oil is extra special as our cold-pressed castor oil is fortified with Fenugreek. This extra ingredient works hard to add moisture back into your hair, repair damage, and prevent dandruff and hair loss that may be caused by the dry air. Castor Oil itself contains Vitamin E and is super thick adding extra juiciness back to your hair.

Sounds like a dream? Make it a reality!